Facebook Became A City

Viral video to boost the launch of Facebook page of VakıfBank, one of the leading banks in Turkey.
We wanted to launch VakıfBank’a social assets with a big & unfamiliar way. Since the objective is to increase the young appeal of brand, we created a social campaign. VakıfBank arranged a national promotion campaign with a motto of 81 cars to 81 cities. So we faked up that Facebook was announced as a 82th city of Turkey as a rumor. Then it is announced one car will be given to Facebook fans of VakıfBank. First teasers grabbed attention. Then viral video hit the audience. We raised the campaign with a Facebok application and gather a real sweapstake in the end. One lucky Facebook fan got the car prize. We gathered over 1.2 million video views and 100,000 campaign visits. Moreover, through our digital campaign 25,000 people subscribed for credit card application!